IntenSati365 days of the year….. come join my journey to STOP living and start THRIVING

Intent (Intension) + Sati (Mindfulness), a workout that isn’t a mindless chore but a life affirming, body transformation

A new philosophy by Patricia Moreno – by which your mind creates positive emotion during a physical workout – thereby changing your body chemistry and enabling you to gain clarity and purpose

Each exercise is broken into Action – the way you move, Attitude – your emotion, Affirmation – what you say

◦e.g. in a strength exercise – the action is punch, the attitude is strength, the affirmation is “I am strong”

My proposal to each of you….

Bring about a conscious awareness to activate a positive state of body & mind to ignite excellence in all areas of your life.

I urge you to watch ( disruptive power of exercise | Dr. Wendy Suzuki | TEDxACCD) Dr. Wendy Suziki, a neuro scientist who has done the research and proven how this form of exercise brings about tremendous benefits,

I challenge you to try something different and reap the benefits of strengthening yourself physically & emotionally.

I was introduced by authors such as Louise Hay, Robert Holden and Wayne Dyer to affirmations

I am a positive person and volunteer in my church, in my community

I brought up my children having nothing and today they are good, successful young adults.

I truly believe by practicing IntenSati  we can create a paradigm shift and strengthen our minds and bodies, thereby creating a ripple effect in society.

IntenSati helps us remodel ourselves because you are what you think you are. This is the first workout that fuses the power of positive thinking with physical exercise.

Why me….
I feel empowered to do something BIG

I believe in providing a differential service in the community in a simplier, better and faster way

I believe I can take positive action, in contributing to my volunteer circle and the community at large.

More Information

If you want to try out some of the workouts J Your Power by Patricia Moreno | Life Reimagined Series #2: 5-minute mood-booster workout with Patricia Moreno of IntenSati Patricia Moreno Intensati 58 minutes

Please let me know your thoughts, try the exercises, listen to the TED talk…… lets thrive together 🙂