A Room with a View – my haven, my sanity

by Live Better, Be Better.......my journey to happiness

Ever so often,i need out of my busy world, full of computers and telephones, of people wanting this and that, of numerable deadlines to meet and people to please.  Depending on what time of the day it is, my room for sanity has a different view.

For instance, if i have to focus on a hard task of numbers or taxes on hand, my sanity room would just be inspirational songs on the internet, that cuts out all external sounds, soothes me and lets me concentrate harder and get the task on hand done.

In another case if i have just finished on a project that needed lots of focus, my sanity room would be taking a washroom break and just breathing, or doing the stairs at work or enjoying a hot cup of tea.

However, when i have an hour or two to bask in the luxury of nature, a room with a view is a walk by the river with the sun glistening,  the ducks swimming, the grass as green as can be in the summer, the warm sun on my skin.  A walk by the ocean, watching the waves touch the shore, the cool water on your feet, the feel of warm sand, the warm sea breeze, being able to simple lie down and watch the clouds, from behind your sunglasses.

Nature is the canvas on which God paints, all we have to do is just take in its beauty, connect with the universe, just let go.  Each day promising the universe and our selves that we will be ambassadors of love and kindness to whoever we meet, where ever we go, whatever we do.