An insight on Easter

by Live Better, Be journey to happiness

Happy Easter one and all – Easter is truly one of the most important festivals in the catholic church. It is when Christ rose from the dead. It is the celebration of the paschal mystries that kind of defines our lives. When we are having a good time with family and friends, spending time together, we are in the Maundy Thursday of our lives. When we are sad and pensive and upset about something we are in the good Friday of our lives, When we are anxious and waiting on news, on something, we are in holy Saturday of our lives and when we are happy and rejoicing, we are in the Easter of our lives.

Easter like any other festival is a time for good food, family and friends to get together, to do activities together and have fun. Food always brings people together and add to it wine and tea and you get everyone talking and laughing.  Today I tried my hand at some new recipes – Green pea pulao, butter chicken, cabbage and carrot sambol and channa masala.  Boy did they ever come out good.  We topped it up with apple pie and pecan icecream.  Yummy.

Wish the weather was warmer today, but all in all it was a good day.

Do write in and let me know how your day was with your family.  Do you have any special traditions?